Mazda Added Protection Program



At Mazda Canada, we’re proud to offer some of the most exciting vehicles on the road today; vehicles that provide a uniquely exhilarating driving experience. We want to provide the opportunity to enjoy worry free driving, even after the vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

That’s why we’ve created the Mazda Added Protection plans to protect you against unexpected repair costs. MAP works in conjunction with your specified new vehicle warranty for up to 7 years or 160,000 km. With it, you are covered for services over and above your existing warranty.

MAP is our way of ensuring that your ownership experience is the best it can be. The way we look at it, excitement comes from being behind the wheel of your new Mazda, so our dealership service departments work hard to keep you there.

Mazda Unlimited Warranty: MAP for 2015 and later model year vehicles

When you purchase a new 2015 or later model year Mazda, you are included in our new Mazda Unlimited Warranty program – a first-of-its-kind warranty that lets you drive as much as you want, as far as you want. To complement the unlimited mileage warranty, MAP plans of 48 months and 60 months with unlimited mileage are available for you to purchase.

Additional extended MAP coverage is also available for 2015 and later model year owners for 72/120,000 km, 72/160,000 km and 84/160,000 km.

If you lease your Mazda, your lease agreement and contract does not make allowances for unlimited kilometres. All Terms and Conditions of your financial lease agreement remain in place for kilometre allowances, payments and penalties.

2015 and later vehicle coverage plans

  • 48 months/unlimited mileage
  • 60 months/unlimited mileage
  • 72 months/120,000 km
  • 72 months/160,000 km
  • 84 months/160,000 km

New vehicle add coverage plans

  • 84 months/160,000 km

MAP for 2014 and earlier model year vehicles

Whether you lease or buy your new Mazda vehicle, there is a broad selection of MAP plans to meet your specific coverage requirements.

The New Vehicle 36/80, 42/100 and 48/100 plans are ideal for individuals who lease a Mazda vehicle and want comprehensive coverage throughout the lease term. If you decide to purchase your Mazda at the expiration of the lease, you can purchase additional comprehensive component coverage for up to 84 months/160,000 km at that time.

The New Vehicle 36/80, 42/100 and 48/100 plans are also ideal for individuals who purchase a new Mazda and would like the option to purchase additional comprehensive component coverage for up to 84 months/160,000 km at a later date.

2014 and earlier vehicle coverage plan

  • 36 months/80,000 km*
  • 42 months/100,000 km*
  • 48 months/100,000 km*
  • 60 months/100,000 km
  • 72 months/120,000 km
  • 72 months/160,000 km
  • 84 months/160,000 km

New vehicle add coverage plans

  • 84 months/160,000 km

Benefits to you

Peace-of-mind motoring

  • Prolong your driving pleasure beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period for up to 7 years/160,000 km.
  • Choose from a number of plans offering time, distance and coverage options.
  • Mazda Added Protection plans are fully backed and administered by Mazda Canada Inc.

Mazda branded

  • Mazda Canada and Mazda dealers have a vested interest in customer satisfaction.
  • Mazda dealers know your Mazda – our factory-trained technicians use only quality replacement parts.

Personal budget protection

  • Budget concerns are a factor when purchasing or leasing a vehicle. Protect against unusual repair expenses for up to 7 years, avoiding the financial burden that unexpected repairs could create.

Valid in Canada and Continental USA

  • Any Mazda dealer in Canada or the Continental USA will tend to your service needs.

Repair inflation protection

  • Protect against future inflation on repair costs for parts and labour.

Enhanced resale value

  • A well-maintained vehicle in good working order with remaining Mazda Added Protection will have a greater value to future owners.

Premium roadside assistance

  • Each Mazda Added Protection agreement includes Premium Roadside Assistance for the duration of the coverage.
  • Highlights include: towing, winching, battery boost, out of fuel, tire service, lock-out service, emergency travel expense reimbursement, travel planning and dealer locator.

Fully transferable

  • Mazda Added Protection is fully transferable to future owners.

Tire road hazard damage coverage

  • Under certain conditions, your Mazda Added Protection now protects you against the cost for damages that occur when a tire fails as a direct result of a puncture, cut, bruise or impact break incurred during the course of normal driving on a public roadway.
  • Protection for up to 5 years or 100,000 km.
  • Enhancing peace-of-mind motoring protection.

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) parts coverage

  • In conjunction with your Mazda Added Protection term, in the event of physical damages and under certain conditions as described in the policies of your plan, Mazda Canada Inc. will pay for the difference in the amounts to repair your vehicle with OEM parts versus aftermarket parts.
  • Ensures that your vehicle is repaired correctly every time with Mazda’s authorized repair centers.

New vehicle comprehensive

At Mazda Canada, we’re committed to your satisfaction. We don’t just want to sell you a vehicle – we want you to be delighted with every aspect of your experience with us, from buying to driving to service, which is why we are offering you this program. Mazda offers you the service and protection you need to maximize your driving performance wherever you go in Canada or the continental U.S.

New vehicle comprehensive plans

  • 36 months/80,000 km*
  • 42 months/100,000 km*
  • 48 months/100,000 km*
  • 60 months/100,000 km
  • 72 months/120,000 km
  • 72 months/160,000 km
  • 84 months/160,000 km

New vehicle add coverage plans

  • 84 months/160,000 km

Comprehensive coverage is the highest level of protection available and is similar to the new vehicle limited warranty. Components that are not covered are considered maintenance and are listed below.

What is not covered

Of course, no protection program can cover every possible circumstance. The following items, which are considered a maintenance repair, are not covered by Mazda Added Protection plans: Glass, lenses, sealed beams, light bulbs, trim, mouldings, bright metal, upholstery, MX-5 soft-top fabric, paint, body, exhaust system (including catalytic converter), brake pads, brake shoes, brake rotors and drums, clutch linings, shock absorbers, McPherson struts, steering rack boots, drive axle boots, inner and outer tie rod ends, batteries, spark plugs, spark plug wire sets, distributor rotor, heater pipes, hoses, tires, side view mirrors, belts, hoses, external shift linkage, spare tire carrier, fuses, wiper blades, adjustments, water leaks, wheel balancing, wheel alignment, accessories (except dealer installed Mazda air conditioning kits).

1 (2)


  • MAP Add Coverage plans can be purchased prior to the expiration of New Vehicle 36/80, 42/100 and 48/100 plans only.
  • Mazda new vehicles must be registered and normally operated in Canada.
  • MAP is not available for vehicles used as taxi, courier/delivery
    services, police/security services, rental vehicles, snow removal or
    emergency services.
  • Vehicles leased/sold for use in competition/racing or off-road activities are not eligible for MAP.
  • MAP Add Coverage plans may be purchased by the original or subsequent owners.

† New Vehicle Comprehensive coverage for B-Series Truck 36 months/60,000 km

For further details on limits or exclusions on the program please consult your Mazda Dealer.